Thursday, 2 June 2011

ghost is love

y name is Tatiana and I'm in love with a ghost. Well, he wasn't a ghost before. Let me go back to the beginning.
About 3 and half years ago (in 2007) I went to my hometown in Haiti and met this wonderful guy that I fell in love with. We had a long distance relationship since he lived in Haiti and I stay in Miami. He looked like exactly like Freddie Prince Jr. (but black). This guy was perfect for me and we planned to get married when I am 23 years old. Well anyway, one of his friends was jealous of him because he always had money and clothes and basically did voodoo after him and he died a year after in 2010 (that's after that horrible earthquake by the way).
I was devastated and I thought I couldn't live without him and all of a sudden 2 days after he died, while I was in Haiti, I started feeling his presence. I would get goose bumps, I would feel my blood rushing, and I'd feel him touch me. Literally, he would spend the whole day with me. I even talked to him even though he couldn't speak back... And the weird thing about it is I wasn't scared. When he was buried, that night, I felt him stronger rubbing me down.
About 3 weeks later I came back to Miami and he followed me. He doesn't spend the whole day with me but he comes everyday. Whenever I lay down I'd feel him rubbing me on my breasts, my butt, everywhere. It mostly feels like electricity and very heavy. When the lights are off I stare and try to see if I can see him but all I see is blackness moving... Basically like black smoke. When it moves toward me I feel him closer.
Anyway, one day while I was laying face down I felt something thrusting inside of me. Now we actually had sex... And I loved it. He did that to me about 8 times already. I even felt him tongue kiss me on my lips. Crazy huh? One question is on my mind though...overtime, is he going to get strong enough for me to see him and feel his hands on me like a real person?

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