Saturday, 4 June 2011


smalam,i was damn bored..well,i dont have nothing to do at all..harhar..
then POP..

syzw: hoi
aman: x de salam ke?
syzw: x
aman: assalamualaikum..
syzw: waalaikumsalam
aman: whats up?missin me?
syzw: nope
aman: so..hows ur life?
syzw: mcm besew je..
aman: kgv? mc?
syzw: kgv la..
aman: owh..good
syzw: bosan
aman: call la awek
syzw: x de awek..

well,im stunn when he said that he is single..
huh..well,S... i know that u got girls all around u..want u so badly..
weel,i used to be yours..but not
enough is enogh..please dont flirt with me..
its not that i cant put my breath when u r flirtin with me..
its because..i got fuck up with guys..
please leave me alone..

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