Wednesday, 30 November 2011

OKAY LAHHHH.. BITCH..AKU TAHU KAU ADMIRE AKU,TAPI RELAX ARR..aku tak layan minah les lahh..aku sayang kat ed aku je..kau tak yah lah nk kutuk2 derr..kesian kau ni..tak di layan..wakakakkaka

hot gellgell

*awek2....pilih saja mana you suka!!!

takda kelas lah you. ish x hot. x sehot i. x sehot JACOB *my love. dh tau x  hot xyah lah posing depan.....amende tu, mcm wayang....wtv-lah! posing la depan TANDAS!!! layak sikit! sama je muka/rupa! x kantoi punya girls. ni sekolah apa ni? cer teka? STF lah of course!!! for me la....the  cutest babes usually came from, it's like:

  1. SSP(wow)
  2. TKC(hihi)
  3. STF(haha)
*a fact!!! remember it!
but for boys, base on what i discuss with ma fwenzz....the hottest guy/gay usually are available at MCKK! hot la u.  it's like:
  1. MCKK(malu nyeww)
  2. SSAS(x malu dh)
  3. SDAR(muka x malu..hihi)
  4. STAR(ermmm...ok)
*another fact! don't just remember, write it in your diary or wtv
*i bnyk fwenzz yg, x boleh la nk mkn kwn. hihi

btw, i just heard that this 8/12 you guys/girls from the most 'glabah' batch in the universe (0812 of course) will have   a hangout together-gether....just watchout baybehhh!!!! think wise before taking pictures here and there....or else -.-' any hilarious photos or unacceptable photo (to me) will be uploaded! bajet birthday batch konon. i'll be at every mall on that date! become a paparazzi for a while. whoaa! it could be possible. so....adios amigos...not Amigas. huahuahua! byebye folks!!! (i'm funny and i know it)

*mine once and alwayssss <3 this is what hot really is!

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