Thursday, 8 December 2011


SEROIUSLY,mocking them wouldnt settle everything,its only adding my sins..GOD,IM SINFULL..pftt,guys..nope they sounded like gays..seriously..jerks..lunatic jerks..BASHTENG~ pfttt..stupid..word..fucking ya`ll..huh..i wished i never met ya`ll..driving me crazy..and now i sounded like im the veinnnn person..WHATTAYA?AM I GOING CRAZY OR WHAT?..AND NOW IM WRITTING SUPER SHIT...what happened?what heppened to me?...well,the problems are everywhere...but, the most shitting problem is with the fucking ANTI SBP94..ppfttt... WELL,IF YOU GOT PROBLEMS GO AND FLUSH IT AWAY OR burst it to someone else lah..why im suppose to get fire by YOU ALL SUCKERS...errrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


dedicate to stupid LATEP+AZAN..pffttt name je budak 17 tahun..perangai sumpah BUAT AKU MENCARUT TAK TENTU HALA...PFFTTT

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