Sunday, 11 December 2011

i got PLAYED


well..i never got dumb by a guy..and DAMN this is the first time, edree tahnks for the shitting .... you know what, DAMN, i love you so much..and sometimes it hurts when people keep telling me.. AMAN,DONT WAIT FER HIM.. guess what..i waited for 2 months..and its been a long time..why dont you tell me the truth..well,if you wanna clash..that wouldnt be such a big problem..i`ll` let you go..and fine..SEPARATED STATUS WILL MAKE IT BETTER ISNT IT?this is crazy, are you trying to play over me? man ..why are you so DAMN KEJAMMM..the reasons you are not into me anymore are waste of credts and waste of know what man...the time whre is  we wasnt in a deep love, you KAWAN I KAN? ASAL CALL BERJAMJAM MSE KITA MEMBER...hah...tell me why? what are you up to? unfriend you..go with a new life..i dont love you like i did before..i will never love you the same..GOODBYE..i hope you are happy making my life turns miserable..i`ll never hate you bcause i love you..but i will never love you like i did yesterday..

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