Wednesday, 28 December 2011

ITseems to be stupid.but somehow,i cant help myself from being inloved with you. i used to say that its just a game that we will never win it..and im precisely true.they said,its a SARCASTISM comment,but they never understand the feelings of mine. im just cant get you out of my mind..give me some space..well,its been a long time for me to forget you..yes,i admit,there are so many better person that can replace you..and they are waiting for me.but,no a loyal person..i used to create the dream land of ours..its full of rainbow,with also full of,after the dispearance of you,it was totally gone.without your goodbye,i will still waiting,eventhough it hurts..i still dont waiting untill you say it..just say the word..and ill stop ..
ill stop this dreams..
ill stop everything..
with one magic word
this is what i need to hear from you.and ed,i promise..ill stop everything..forever..

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