Tuesday, 27 March 2012

this is Amandddd

:)okay people firstly i would like to say
GL ,get lost

*i love mysely
*i love my rox
*i love buisness minds
*i love add math
*i zunno how to cross acroad "Yeah,freakin lameeee.."
*i hate liars
*i hate cats
*i hate stalkers
*i love choclates
*i hate flowers because im allergic to the smell that it makes me sneezeeeeee all the time
*i love amanina kamilahhhh
*i love yasimin naziraaa
*i love rabiatul aisyaaaaaaaaahh
*i have a very bad hand writing
*i love to run free
*i hate sweat talkerr
*i hate quiet situation
*i hate mother fuckers
*i love my toengzz
Lol,being me is simple eayyyy,,,

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