Saturday, 2 June 2012

orang cakap tidur time asar tak baik,
can cause mad to the person,

i think its not causing me insane,
its causing me !#@$#
i got a nightmare,
act its an ASARmare
~it was a nice day in stf,
everyone was busy handling the school event,
the sbpianz came to our school,
and i saw him,in MCKK`s troupe,
then,i felt like wanna run to him,
maybe saying HYE would be foine,
then,on the night,
the stfianz were kindly busy settling the event,
after the activities hve finished,
i go to my room,
there`s this poster,
''aman,its not that i dont love you,
its just because,im drawn with someone else.''
i cried so badly,.
it was an asarmare,
i never cry for a guy,
and in that @#$% dream,
i cried for him,
hope for the best and happiness for ya
please,dont haunt me in my dream.
it suppose to be fairytales,full of
happiness,not misery.
you are the worst dream ever.
thank you.

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